Miscarriage of Justice – My Employment Tribunal Case

Dear All

On Friday 5th April I received a comprehensively flawed Reserved Judgment from Leeds Employment Tribunal.

Astonishingly, the Tribunal “preferred” a version of events given by the Respondent’s witnesses who collectively perjured themselves numerous times during the Full Hearing and proved themselves to be wholly unreliable.

The facts which were proved by me, the falsehoods which the Respondent’s witnesses were shown to state whilst under oath, both in documentation and verbally during my cross-examination of the witnesses, and my summing up, were blatantly disregarded in the Judgment.

It is safe to assume that in Leeds Employment Tribunal a witness can knowingly perjure themselves over and over again in front of the Tribunal judges with impunity.

Additionally, the Judgment itself misrepresents the facts and detail of what was examined in the Hearing. I believe it has been designed to fit a convenient narrative to support the Tribunal’s “preferred” version of events.

Whilst the content of this Judgment was initially shocking to me, and whilst it is a sad day for Justice, I will continue the fight. It is with the generous support of my employer, friends, family and various members of the public that I have had the strength to fight this.

This is going to the appeal court*.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke.

I will keep you all informed as and when I can.


*there will be no further blog posts on this topic until after the appeal.