Sharia Law - Coming Soon to a UK Court Near You

Did you know that there are plans to ‘regulate’ Sharia law in the UK?

This disturbs me. Unfortunately it doesn’t surprise me. The British establishment is taking the Muslim lobby lying down. It will not be long before we have a (legitimate) 2nd tier of law in the UK - law which is not only incompatible with UK law, but also incompatible with the European Convention of Human Rights.

The UK could go the same way as Sweden – a country in serious social danger due to liberal appeasement and the effects of insane political correctness.

A Swedish court recently allowed a Muslim man to legitimise abusing his wife by successfully persuading the court to accept his argument that he was from a better family and therefore had the right, under Sharia, to abuse his wife.

It is my belief the UK would be in breach of its own laws if they recognise Sharia ‘councils’ by regulating them. These ‘councils’, according to the UK government, have “no basis in law”. This is going to change. These councils, which in reality have had the effect of courts – the correct term which lily-livered appeasers prefer not to use – will become just that.

To legitimise Sharia courts would be to open the doors to allowing UK citizens to choose UK law or Sharia law, and therefore be in direct violation of the Human Rights Act.

Sharia law and UK law are compatible only to the extent that UK law does not challenge Sharia law. And therefore this proves they are NOT compatible, unless we are happy to allow Sharia to take precedence over UK law. This appears to be what's happening in Sweden. A country that some believe is on its way to social and cultural imploding as a result.

“Sharia Law is incompatible with democracy and human rights” (ECHR 2003). Sharia is not democratic. Sharia discriminates against women, who are treated as chattels. Sharia conflicts with the fundamental human rights of others - for example under Sharia law gays, including gay Muslims, should be killed.

If you don't allow non-Muslims to use a Sharia court, or to have the option to choose a Sharia court/Sharia way of life, are you not discriminating against them? A non-Muslim man would be guilty of bigamy under UK law, but can plead exemption under Sharia as Muslim men currently do.

The UK political class, on all sides, think they are being progressive. Actually they are dangerous appeasers. They are promoting precisely what they are trying to eradicate – discrimination.

We have our second female prime minister and we are actually entertaining the idea of regulating a law system from the 7th century created by, and for the benefit of, men.

So how will we regulate stoning a woman to death?

How will we regulate marital rape?