Mothers Against Radical Islam & Sharia

Introducing Toni Bugle, founder of MARIAS (Mothers Against Radical Islam & Sharia).

Toni Bugle: Her Story

(Warning: This article contains explicit descriptions of violence and sexual abuse.)

Toni’s story begins at the age of 10, when she was sexually abused by a lorry driver. Too young to give evidence, the man walked free. Being not very close to her siblings, Toni became increasingly withdrawn and isolated from her family.

Dad’s best friend

Aged 15, Toni was at the home of her father’s best friend, whom she called ‘uncle’ and had grown to trust. She was finding it difficult to get on at school and was being rebellious and uncommunicative with her family, and ‘uncle’ showed what she viewed as genuine concern and sympathy. One day when she went to his house, with his wife present, she was bound and gang-raped by ‘uncle’ and four of his friends, and threatened into keeping silent.

The ‘uncle’ continued to visit her home and the burden of her secret became too much for her so Toni ran away from home and lived rough on the streets of London.

Met 12 year old white girl pimped by Pakistani Muslims

There she met and became friends with a 12 year old white girl who had left home after being abused by her father. The girl had become a prostitute, streetwise, adept at stealing food, and had a drug habit.

One night a car pulled up, driven by a large, sleazy looking man. Toni told the girl not to go, but she had debts to pay to her pimps and said she had to go or they’d beat her.

The man took her down a nearby alley where he proceeded to beat her as well as have sex with her. Toni hit him with a broken bottle and managed to drag the girl away. After making sure she was safe in their sleeping place, Toni went to the police and brought them back to the girl, and then ran away to preserve her anonymity.

Pimps try to prostitute me

Toni tried to keep out of sight for the next few weeks but was found by two of the girl’s Pakistani pimps who threatened her and said that the girl’s debts were now Toni’s and she would have to work for them as a prostitute. A homeless man who knew the girls bravely intervened and Toni managed to get away. She managed to avoid being found again and succeeded in getting herself off the streets.

She considers herself to be one of the lucky ones. Girls being targeted by grooming gangs today are not so fortunate.

MARIAS: Mothers Against Radical Islam And Sharia

Toni maintains no one is protecting these girls, no one is listening to them or encouraging them to speak out. MARIAS is here to speak on their behalf.

Political Correctness v Girls’ Lives?

Toni wants our police, social services and spineless governmental officials to know that they are complicit in the grooming and abuse of these girls. Why? Are they afraid of being called ‘racists’ or ‘bigots’, or pointing out the obvious? Court, social services and police records all show this is a Pakistani Muslim problem.

Toni once spoke to an ex-police officer who told her they would be told to hush things up in order not to cause “Islamophobia”. She was told “Diversity and Equality” was shoved in the faces of police officers on a daily basis.

It’s time to throw political correctness and fear out the window.

MARIAS at work

A victim of Muslim grooming gangs, repeatedly trafficked and raped by hundreds of Muslim men, had asked her doctor for counseling. However, for obvious reasons she refused to be counseled by the Pakistani man to whom she was referred. MARIAS created a GoFundMe account to enable the girl to continue receiving the help she requires from an acceptable counselor.

MARIAS has taken in a Somalian Muslim girl who was in fear for her life when her family tried to ‘traffic’ her by sending her to Somalia to marry a man and bring him the UK. After waiting a while they would be divorced and she would be sent out to marry another man. The cycle would continue. When she refused she was attacked by a member of her family and she sought our help. MARIAS contacted the police and various refuges and was asked repeatedly asked what nationality she was. The refuges told us they only took in Pakistani Muslim women. Eventually the police took her to a safe house.

MARIAS has been labeled as “Racist”, “Bigotted”, “Fascist”, “Nazi” and “Islamophobic”. However, the truth is that right now the worst racism is being ignored: this is towards predominantly white girls who are being groomed, raped and trafficked all over the UK, by Muslim men.

The UK government is not fully aware of the undercurrent of anger that is building within the general public.