5 Tips For A Fun 1st Christmas Together

Plan festive date nights

There is so much to do around Christmas that you should wrap up warm and make the most of these once a year opportunities. From mooching around Christmas markets, to watching the twinkling Christmas lights overhead to finding a cosy pub with a roaring fire to enjoy a drink together. Christmas provides a beautiful backdrop for dates so fill up your diary!

Set a budget for presents

There is something quite nerve wrecking about your 1st Christmas together. What happens if you go overboard on gifts whilst they give you a gift card? What if you give little jokey gifts like socks and talc and they buy you a designer watch? How much should you spend? So many questions! The best thing is to have a conversation about it early on in December, neither of you wants to feel guilty or awkward so set a budget that works for you both and stick with it. Play it safe and get them something you know they would love and then a few small jokey bits too.

Make plans together and separate

Christmas is a special time and we all have family and friends to visit. Don’t be upset if you and your partner don’t spend the whole of Christmas together, in fact for your 1st year why not make sure you have a bit of time out so you can both do your thing? If you can’t be together on the big day itself why not host Christmas day another day? You can give gifts then, have a delicious Christmas dinner and pull crackers before crashing on the sofa with a tub of roses -what all good Christmas days are about!

Discuss Christmas traditions

When you start planning for Christmas, have a chat about the different traditions you both have. You will both want to make time for them so neither misses out. Whether it’s attending a Christmas concert or going for a Christmas day walk – embrace one another’s traditions and have fun making your own.

Perfect doesn’t mean perfection

Your 1st Christmas together is special, but don’t worry so much about making it perfect that you forget to have fun. Things often go wrong around Christmas – travel delays, gifts not arriving in time, feeling under the weather – plan to have a fantastic Christmas together no matter what happens.

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