Friday Favourites

It’s the end of the month and I love all the stunning colours on the trees, most especially the burnt orange - it feels most autumnal. With October round the corner I’m starting to feel really festive. The scarfs and hats are coming out and we have Halloween to look forward to which for me means plenty of horror movies, pumpkins, oversized jumpers, conker picking in Hyde Park (to keep the spiders away!) and of course candles - lots and lots of candles! It also means one of my favourite celebrations is fast approaching: that’s right folks, CHRISTMAS is on the way (I have it on good authority that Paperchase will have their Christmas wrapping paper in store this Sunday!). Whether you’re kick starting your October with a duvet day, or sipping on hot chocolate by the fire, I hope you’ll make the most of this beautiful season. Without further ado here are my favourite five this week…

Favourite Stencil (Sophia Victoria Joy £12.50)

Favourite Jumper (Ellie Ellie £29.00)

Favourite Necklace (Caroline Brook £75.00)

Favourite Wreath (Pippa Designs £46.50)

Favourite Throw (Atlantic Blankets £89.00)

Happy Friday ~ Love Fozia x

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