The Perfect Picnic

The sun is shining as I type this post. No doubt you're out and about making the most of the glorious sunshine. Inspired by the outdoor life, this week we share our top tips on how to have the perfect picnic...


Ensure your picnic is not too heavy and easy to transport. Invest in a good picnic basket because you don't want to be going back and forth to the car with carrier bags! Stick with paper plates, or invest in melamine - lighter and easier in the long run.

We love these plates from Orla Kiely, and with matching melamine tins you'll find it hard to say no - they're sure to brighten up any mealtime!


I tend to avoid bringing sticky cakes and ice cream to picnics. Not only are they annoyingly fussy for transportation purposes but insects LOVE them. So that's a big no in my books!


You've heard this so many times, but I cannot stress this enough: I'm a firm believer in bringing fewer things to a picnic and doing them well.

Don't hesitate to make things a little easier for yourself, pop to your local farm shop or deli and stock up on a few goodies - always well received.


Think finger foods: wholegrain wraps stuffed with goats cheese and salad - easy, simple & fuss free! Sausage rolls, savoury mini muffins, pizza bread, potato salad, hummus & pitta bread. Not forgetting something for the sweet tooth, brownies and cookies always go down a real treat! Be careful not to pack to much, or you'll end up carrying it back.


Like so many things in life timing is everything. Make sure that all the foods you bring can be served at the same time,displayed beautifully over your picnic blanket :) one of the joys of a picnic is to just laze about and let everyone graze and help themselves. You want to be able to relax not be rushing around trying to serve things up!


Don't forget sun lotion, sunglasses, sunhats, hand wipes, napkins, bag for all the rubbish you need to take home and a good book. The only things I would avoid taking, are unruly animals or children!

Pop back next week for part two, including our selection of summer picnic recipes.

What are your top tips for a perfect picnic? Let us know!


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