Flower Arranging

As most of you know, flower arranging is one of my favourite pastimes. I love creating my own centrepieces for afternoon tea gatherings and dinner parties. Not only is it cheaper than going to a florist, but I find it most therapeutic!

Floristry at home is much more than plonking a bunch of supermarket roses in a vase. In this week’s blog post I share my top tips to help you create your own centrepieces at home – happy arranging!


} Choosing seasonal flowers will enable you to maximise your floral budget.

} Stripping your flowers of leaves, thorns and branches not only encourages water flow directly to the flower head, but it also increases its life. Don’t worry about not having a huge arrangement, if necessary you can always bulk up with extra foliage at the end.

} When trimming flowers use garden clippers or a sharp knife (be careful) if that’s what you have available. Try not to use scissors because you’ll only crack the stems, thus flowers won’t last as long because water won’t be able to get to them.

} Flowers with woody stems like roses should be cut at an angle, but it’s okay to cut other fresh flowers straight across.

} Trim at least an inch off the stems.

Arranging & Grouping

} The look you create all depends on the occasion you’re hosting, eg if you’re planning a dinner party, you need to ensure the arrangement(s) aren’t too high, in order to allow easy conversation.

} If you want a single centrepiece, create an arrangement in a large bowl: first get some clear Sellotape and create a grid spanning the width of the bowl (this will support the flowers). Next you need to trim the stems really short and insert one or two flowers in each grid opening. Last but not least tuck in some greenery. You can’t go wrong with fern clippings.

} If you want several arrangements, select the best flower you have for the centre and pick another five or so, arranging them at an angle, and slightly lower, creating a dome-like shape. You can use florist twine or raffia to fasten the little bunch of flowers together, and repeat six times, before popping one in each small vase to create a dramatic look.

} If you're after a hassle-free look, perhaps a less formal, relaxed arrangement, get a small glass jar (empty jam-jar will do), pop in a few stems and add a few branches with greenery to create a delicate look. If you want to add more drama, you may want to consider flowers that are bold and vibrant.

} For a last minute arrangement, just get a huge gathering of a single type of flower – short and sweet!

Vases, Jars & Bottles

} For long stems use a straight-sided vase.

} Use a rounded vase for tulips. They look so much better this way as the stems are so flexible. To complete the look, just put your thumb under each petal and push it back with your forefinger.

} Jars, tea-light holders and small glass bottles look great along the centre of a table.

} Place your finished arrangement in front of a mirror or on a glass disc.

Hope you enjoy creating your own floral arrangements.

Fozia x

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