Healthy Living: Eating Raw

Eating raw food can be very beneficial for your health. Today we're here to help kick start your diet, and share why raw fruit and vegetables are good for you. From clearing up headaches to boosting your memory - here's how eating raw can help you!

Cherries strengthen your heart and circulatory system

Peas regulate blood sugar and aid in weight loss

Limes remove toxins from your body

Sweet Potatoes help heal IBS and digestive issues

Asian Pears help remove radioactive toxins from your body

Cucumbers flush bacteria and viruses from the body

Apples help prevent depression and reduce anxiety

Melon hydrates your skin and nails

Oranges help sinus and respiratory issues

Cauliflower is very helpful for asthma and kidney disorders

Currants purify the blood and reduce anaemia

Bananas have powerful anti-viral properties

Sprouts strengthen the kidneys, liver and spleen

Lemons cleanse your liver

Blueberries help balance blood sugar, protect the brain from oxidative damage and stress. They improve all cognitive functions

Fennel soothes pain and relieves cramps and spasms

Red Clover soothes nerves and purifies blood

Pineapple helps burn fat and tones the stomach

Basil decreases swelling in joints and helps relax muscles

Cabbage helps reduce body fat

Broccoli keeps blood flowing well and helps remove heavy metals that can damage the brain

Spinach slows the effects of ageing on the brain and can prevent/delay dementia

Rosemary improves mood, blood flow, boosts energy and helps combat ageing of the skin

Avocados provide nearly 20 essential nutrients and help protect the brain from the risk of stroke

If you're thinking of eating uncooked and unprocessed foods, or simply introducing a few small changes a day in your diet, we hope our little guide has been of some help. There are so many benefits eating natural, and we really hope you'll give it a go. If eating raw food is really not your bag, then we recommend steaming your veg lightly (3 mins only), as this does not remove all the nutrients, and they give your digestion a bit of exercise!

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