Being quite creative, I've been very ‘hands on’ with my forthcoming wedding, and today I’m going to share some budget-friendly ideas. It’s a chance to get creative yourself and do something that’s more personal. So if you love lavender, hessian fabric and lace – read on!

Centre piece - use hessian fabric to wrap around plain glass bottles or vases and finish with string for a natural, rustic finish. You can add lace and once you’re happy with your recycled jars simply pop in some flowers and you’re done!

Wedding table – make hessian table runners or use as overlays on top of a crisp white tablecloth.

Place cards – keep these simple and use Kraft card and add a sprig of lavender.

Chair backs – spruce up the chairs for your ceremony by creating a hessian bow, or burlap, chair sash.

Continue with your rustic, country wedding theme and use hessian fabric with lace for a ring cushion, tie around your napkins, favour bags, wedding banners, invites - the possibilities are endless for crafty DIY brides! Don’t forget gifts for the bridal party – finish wrapping with some hessian ribbon and lace.

Place setting - Tie a few stems together with natural string and use as a setting or place on a napkin.

Chair backs – use a bunch of lavender tied together with natural string or raffia.

Venue decoration - create mini bunches of lavender in vases and have them dotted around your venue.

To continue with the English Country theme add a sprig of lavender to your ‘Order of Service’. I’ve done this using a tiny craft peg for each booklet and finished them off by placing them in a recycled crate, wrapped in hessian and ribbon to continue the theme.

It’s easy to get carried away, so make a list and stick to it. You can save money if you do this right – but do too much and it will end up costing you more than it would have done if you hired a professional! Above all, don’t stress over it, your projects don’t need to look perfect, allow your own individual style to shine through - have fun and enjoy the process!

Fozia x

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