Christmas Gifts: stocking fillers

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.”

(A Visit From Saint Nicholas)

Stockings have been a part of the Christmas tradition for centuries, and we can't get enough of them here at Fozia HQ.

Legend has it, that long, long ago a father of three girls was having a real tough time providing for his family, and was so worried that their status would make it impossible for his daughters to marry.

Before long, St. Nicholas heard of the family and wanted to help, although he knew the man would refuse any direct help. So one night, as the family were sleeping, he came down the chimney and filled the girls stockings (which were drying by the fire) with gold coins.

Whilst the origin and date remain unknown, this tale is most widely referenced when it comes to the history of the Christmas stocking. For some this ritual has translated into hanging a tube sock, others have taken a more personalised approach, even making stockings by hand.

When it comes to stocking fillers the idea is to buy something small, fairly cheap and cheerful. If you'd prefer something more traditional we recommend an orange, a few nuts and a shiny new penny or chocolate coins (Fozia's favourite!).

Whatever your choice, don't forget to think about the person's likes and dislikes. It's important to remember the interests of the recipient not yours!

Without further ado, we leave you with our favourite items to help you fill those Christmas stockings this year;

Alphabet Scented Candle by THE COUNTRY CANDLE COMPANY £6.99

Personalised Alphabet Notebook by QUIRKY GIFT LIBRARY £9.95

English Rose Bath Bomb by QUINTESSENTIALLY ENGLISH £3.60

Marshmallow Toasting Kit by THE NAKED MARSHMALLOW CO. £14.75

Personalised Pink And Gold Gift Boxed Pencils by LETTEROOM £8.95

Chocolate Brussels Sprouts by QUIRKY GIFT LIBRARY £9.95

Merry Christmas x

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