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Hi ladies, my name is Laura and I'm your bridal hair fairy godmother! I'd like to give you a few pearls of wisdom when it comes to your hair for your big day.

You might be asking “but what qualifies you to give this advice?”. Well, I've been a qualified hair stylist for ten years. I got my NVQ level 2 and quickly moved on to my Level 3 advanced cutting and colour correction, whilst I trained at Toni & Guy. There I specialised in styling, achieving A+, and worked my way up. By the time I left I was a senior style director. Since then I have worked for myself and achieved my certificate with GHD in bridal hairstyling.

So, how do you find your bridal hairstylist? The first place to start is your own stylist. Ask if they do hair up (not all do). If they do hair up then how confident are they? Do they work outside the salon? If you are not happy with any of their answers then you are not obligated to use them. You must remember this is your special day and you want someone who is confident in their work. Having your bridal stylist come out to you is a much more relaxing way to spend the morning of your wedding. If you are unable to use your own hairdresser ask friends and family for recommendations. We all like to use someone who has come with a personal recommendation, but if this is not possible and you turn to the internet, social media or wedding fairs then ask to see pictures of recent brides and references. I would also advise you ask for a short consultation. This can be very insightful as you need to make sure that you can both understand each other and are able to communicate freely.

When you've found your bridal stylist, here are a few tips to follow:

~ Hair care. Discuss with your stylist if your hair needs any extra TLC. Shampoos, conditioners, treatments and heat protecting sprays and serums are not designed to get more money from you - but to keep your hair in excellent condition for you to be able to enjoy your style to its fullest. There is nothing worse than seeing a bride in the most beautiful dress she'll ever wear with the dullest, lifeless hair. Regular trims will help keep your hair in good condition, and your final colour and trim should be about 10 days before the big day.

~ Try not to follow trends. Keep your colour simple and your cut elegant. Following the latest trend can quickly date your look. You want your photos to have a timeless elegance, but still be you.

~ Bring photos (but not too many!). Have enough photos for a starting reference. Remember your hair won't look exactly like the models as all hair is different. From the texture, length, thickness and fringe, each hair up is different on each bride.

~ Hairstyles should complement. By this I mean the style shouldn't only complement you, but also your dress, make-up, jewellery etc. there is no point in having a simple style dress, with natural make-up to then have an 'over the top' up do.

~ Friends with flair. We all have a friend who has a flair for hair or make-up. But when it comes to your special day leave it to a professional. You want to have the confidence it will last past the altar! Professionals are just that: we train, we learn and we gain experience in our specialised subject, so we can provide the best for you.

~ And finally, be guided by your stylist. As I said before, we have the experience in bridal styles to know what works. If your stylist is advising an alteration to your chosen style, it's not because they are being awkward, it's because they want you to look your most beautiful on your wedding day. Above all else, enjoy the whole experience. Enjoy the dress fittings, the shoe shopping and the table planning. It all adds up to the best day of your life.

Laura x

Laura is a highly experienced and qualified wedding hair specialist. You can keep up to date with all the latest from Laura at

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