Bridal Beauty

If there is one day in your life when all eyes will be upon you, then it’s on your wedding day. Your choice of dress, accessories, hair style and make-up must all work together to show you at your most beautiful.

I have over 30 years experience as a fashion model, trained beauty professional and make-up artist and have learned that being completely happy with your bridal look creates a confidence that contributes to a perfect wedding day.

Wedding make-up is different to applying regular day make-up; it has to last all day and look photographically perfect both indoors and outdoors. There’s a huge difference between an everyday outfit and a wedding dress, so your make-up should be adapted to complement your dress and the style of your hair, and must compensate for the whiteness (if applicable) of your gown. Your make-up needs to tone in with the colour of your flowers and bridesmaid dresses. You might look great in coral lipstick but that’s not going to work if your bridesmaids are in magenta or you’ve picked red roses for your bouquet.

It is important that your make-up feels comfortable on your skin, and it should flatter your features and skin tone. If you have the skin of Nicole Kidman, then a Kim Kardashian look is just not going to translate to you!

And your make-up should always keep you looking just like yourself; the most polished and beautiful that you can be.

Having a professional make-up artist come to your home to do your wedding make-up should be a real pleasure. The right make-up artist will:

  • offer a consultation and make-up trial several weeks before the wedding day;

  • know what products work well with flash photography and what to avoid;

  • apply the correct amount of make-up, not too much that you look plastered, but enough colour to balance the whiteness of the dress and veil;

  • consider how you normally wear your make-up and create a flattering make-up that still looks like you;

  • opt for a classic make-up and avoid anything too trend-led;

  • keep you calm and relaxed during your preparations!

If you feel that you can cope with wedding day nerves and you are confident in applying your own make-up, there are a few things you should remember:

  • invest in a primer - it will give you a smooth base and help your make-up last all day;

  • avoid powders, highlighters and eyeshadows with a lot of sparkle - they will bounce off flash photography and may spoil your photographs;

  • if you think that you might cry then opt for waterproof products;

  • some lip colours can make your teeth look yellow - have a try-out with various shades and products;

  • if you’re planning to have a fake tan or to try different skincare or make-up products, then do so well before your wedding day - itchy eyes or orange, blotchy arms are not a good wedding day look!

Lastly, you’ll get lots of make-up ideas from looking through bridal magazines and Pinterest. If you’re interested in having your make-up done professionally, I offer every bride a 30-minute complimentary consultation before booking a wedding make-up trial.

Congratulations to everyone getting married this year and I look forward to hearing from you.

Emma x

Emma is a highly experienced and qualified beauty therapist and make-up artist. You can keep up to date with all the latest from Emma at

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