Singles Guide to Surviving V Day!

For all the singles out there V day can be a depressing affair but it doesn't have to be! So whether you want to embrace your singledom or wallow in self-pity, follow these tips suggested from my facebook and Twitter friends to ensure you have a fabulous Valentine's Day:

Hit the gym for a workout or put on that Zumba dvd you got for Christmas that's been gathering dust. There's nothing like a good workout to make you feel fit and fabulous about yourself. Note to self, you actually have to do the Zumba and not just put it on.....;)

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be solely about 'romantic love'. Use the day to celebrate your love for those nearest to you - your family, friends or someone who has really gone that extra mile for you.

It's February and it's freezing. Stay in with a bottle of prosecco (no gin!), a trashy/slasher film and order take out in your PJs...perfect! Just don't upload the pic of you blubbling to The Notebook on Twitter - too much sharing!

If you're brave enough to venture out why not grab some friends and go Whisky-tasting to warm yourself up? Check out for more info.

A few years back my friends and I found ourselves single on Valentine's Day, so we booked a table for 12 at an Italian restaurant, got dressed up and had an 'anti-V Day' meal - it was a fabulous night out. See Valentine's Day as a great excuse for a night out partying and having fun!

Secret Santa isn't just for Christmas you know. Have a 'secret Cupid' with friends, so everyone gets a little Valentine's gift. You might even want to set your own theme - I hear 'naughty' goes down well ;)

Jump back on the horse and go speed dating. Even if you don't find the right one for you you'll have a great time in the process. Check out for more info.

Enjoy your day. Remember how fabulous you are and be grateful you aren't on the receiving end of a 'light-up rubber duck' or mini lava-lamp from the Valentine's Day selection of gifts at a Co-Op near you...and I'm not joking!

Caroline x

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