Festive Fun: how to wrap a gift

Now, when it comes to giving gifts you have two options, you can grab a box (or bag), pop in your gift and add some tissue paper. OR take a little extra time and do it the traditional way:

Measure your paper. Create even edges by folding the ends.

Before folding the edges, cut the excess paper.

Fold the ends for clean lines.

Fold the tip for a smooth finish.

Wrap with your festive ribbon and cut at an angle.

For a simple finish use parcel tags with a festive sticker (these tags are from Smiths and the stickers are from John Lewis).

When it comes to materials, I like using Kraft paper with parcel string, finished with one of my handmade gift tags, I love pastel coloured wrapping paper for weddings and birthdays, but when the festive season is upon us I love bright Christmas gift wrap (I get mine from Paperchase & John Lewis) you can add almost anything to finish off your lovely hand wrapped gifts. From tiny baubles, bells, sprigs of holly to dried fruit and cinnamon sticks!

Above all, it's a thought that counts and whatever gift you decide to give your loves ones over Christmas, whether it's presented in a gift bag or your very own hand wrapped gift, they'll love it... because it's from you!

#happywrapping xx

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