Fozia Rashid

Public Speaker. Whistleblower. Event Coordinator at lodm.org

Activist, Campaigner, anti-forced marriage, domestic violence & Sharia Law UK.

Former Prison Inspector & Postmaster.


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The official site of Fozia Rashid is your very own front row seat to all things Fozzle-flops.


From crafts, planning parties, naughty treats to fitness & health, and of course behind the scenes: exclusive access to the young woman behind those Prada glasses!


My Story


Born and raised in Nottingham, I was forced into marriage aged 16 whilst visiting Kashmir, and following my fight to get out of my marriage when back in the UK, I started working in politics to help other people. This soon led to other roles - monitoring prisons for the Home Office, sub-editor for the  Invitation Magazine, volunteer for the Domestic Abuse Service, Alzheimer's charity and Oxfam - to name a few. 


Aged 21, whilst attending a political event, I met and fell in love with, and soon became engaged to, a man of my own choosing. I moved to London and we started planning our future together. But the feeling of new, positive horizons opening up in front of me was short lived.


In 2008 I left London in the middle of the night to escape my fiancé. I had discovered that he was involved in serious criminal activity. I reported him to the Police, who asked me to monitor his activities. Unfortunately he found out I had approached the police and subjected me to a physical assault which put me in hospital.


Upon returning to Nottingham I was stalked and harrassed, not only by my ex- fiancé, but also a female police officer from London and, desperate for a 'normal' life, in 2009 I moved to England's former capital city, York. My location remained secret, even to my own family and friends (for their safety).


My days were spent writing, fencing (the sporting variety) and discovering York. This beautiful city became my haven, where I healed and picked myself up and carried on.


It was time to start from scratch and build a new life in Yorkshire.


I was determined to start again and move on from the past. I started applying for part time jobs, which was much harder than I anticipated, because of the gap in my employment caused by events. After many months I finally secured employment. 


Little did I know what I was letting myself in for...


In my quaint little market town, how could I have known that I would be witness to so much. I became a Postmaster in 2012... Many of you know the rest only too well.


This site has been borne out of my desire to help, in any way I can, to support and even just to lend an ear to, those who have been through similar experiences to myself. I want to give you up to date news, events and plenty of Fozzle-isms.




Of course I couldn't have done this without your support, so it's with thanks to all my readers like you that this is now possible! So thank you. I hope to keep you up to date with what's coming. Feel free to get in touch and tell me what you think, if you'd like a quote, or to get involved. I am only a click away!


Like everyone, I'm a flawed human being. I am not perfect. I make mistakes. When it comes to doing the right thing, we all have a choice to make. I stand by everything I have done. My conscience is clear.


I hope my small stand against the odds can make a difference and I hope I don't let you down ... The people out there in the world who do not have the same opportunities as I do, this is for you. I will keep going, I won't give up.


To keep up to date with all things Fozzles, including employment issues and things I just think are lovely to share, just head to my blog!


Thank you for reading, I look forward to this journey with you.


Love Fozia x


E-Mail: fozia@foziarashid.co.uk